1960s Jar

1960s Jar
1960s Jar
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The 60's was a melting pot for the new and old, the sweets of the 40’s were still going strong, the 50's had produces a vast new array of textures and flavours and now it was  time for the 60's to stamp its mark in the sweetie world. READ MORE ...


  • Anglio Bubbly x1
  • Black Jack x1
  • Caramac Bar
  • Cherry Wheels 100g
  • Chewing Nuts 100g
  • Coconut Mushrooms 100g
  • Cola Cubes 100g
  • Drumstick Lolly
  • Flying Saucers x3
  • Fruit Caramels x10
  • Fruit Gums 100g
  • Fruit Salad x1
  • Giant Love Hearts
  • Jelly Babies 100g
  • Mini Palma Violets
  • Sherbet Fountain
  • Spearmint Chews x5
  • Spogs 100g
  • Sweet Peanuts x6
  • Mini History Booklet

Contents may vary subject to availability. Contains colours & flavouring: may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children. May contain milk, gluten, wheat, soya, nuts.

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