Noughties Jar

Noughties Jar
Noughties Jar
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Sweets evolve and those lining the shelves in the Noughties were a far cry from those of 60 years earlier. READ MORE ....


  • Sour Raspberry Bonbons 100g
  • Mini Millions x1
  • Jelly Bellies 100g
  • Fizzy Bubble Bottles 100g
  • Giant Strawberries 100g
  • Fizzy Apple Belts 80g
  • Red Eyed Skulls 100g
  • Strawberry Fizz Wiz x1
  • Ice Square x1
  • Mini Love Heart Roll x1
  • Candy Necklace x1
  • Reeses Peanut Butter Pieces x1
  • Vimto Candy Spray x1
  • Vimto Chews x1
  • Mini History Booklet

Contents may vary subject to availability. Contains colours & flavouring: may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children. May contain milk, gluten, wheat, soya, nuts.

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